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Below are examples of my published work mainly through my photojournalism. The link provided will take you to the webpage where the story was published.

Event/Subject                                Publisher                                 Date                       Link


Project Winter Coat                           Bradford People’s Assembly*       25.02.2016
Hands off HRI                                   Huddersfield Examiner                24.02.2016
Refugees welcome in Newcastle        Socialist Worker                           20.02.2016
Hands off HRI                                   Huddersfield Examiner                23.02.2016
Junior Doctors Strike                          Socialist Worker                            23.02.2016
Junior Doctors Strike                          Socialist Worker                            10.02.2016
Junior Doctors Strike                          Socialist Worker                            11.02.2016
UAF counter demo in Dewsbury       Socialist Worker                            02.02.2016
UAF counter demo in Dewsbury       Morning Star                                01.02.2016
Hands off HRI                                  Socialist Worker                            26.01.2016
Project Winter Coat                          Telegraph and Argus                     14.01.2016
Junior Doctors Strike                         Socialist Worker                             12.01.2016
Stop Bombing Syria demo               Socialist Worker                             15.12.2015 
Hilary Benn Protest                           Socialist Worker                             08.12.2016
Save steel workers jobs                     Socialist Worker                              10.11.2015 
UAF counter demo in Bradford       Socialist Worker                               17.11.2015 
Save steel workers job                      Socialist Worker                               17.11.2015 
Liverpool ‘White Man March’          Socialist Worker                               18.08.2015
Jeremy Corbyn in Bradford              Socialist Worker                               11.08.2015
Post 2015 election budget               Socialist Worker                               14.07.2015
Bradford College Strike                   Socialist Worker                               07.07.2016
Post 2015 election budget               Socialist Worker                               09.07.2015


* I had publishing/editor rights to have that image/story published at time of publication