About me

Many photographers will tell you that they will capture those magical moments of your event, take those pictures you will put up on your wall and you will treasure forever. I am no different in that respect. However, what makes me stand out from the rest is that I offer a complete personal service where I will be in contact with you in the build up to your event to ensure that you have complete confidence in that I have got everything covered to take some amazing photos of your event. In addition I will give help, hints and tips for free in helping you organise your event so that the event will run as smoothly as possible.

Established in May 2014, I am an experienced professional freelance photographer. My work covers a wide range of subjects including weddings, portraits, landscape and weather, photo-journalism, events and nightclub photography.

I have been lucky enough to have had some of my work published in various newspapers including Socialist Worker, Independent, The Mirror, the Telegraph and Argus, Huddersfield Examiner and the Morning Star. You can see more on this in my Published Work section on this website.


My aim is to always exceed clients expectations to give them amazing quality photography at affordable prices. I do not believe that you should have to pay a fortune to get great photography. I often share my pictures through various photo-sharing pages on social media and welcome any constructive criticism from other people, some of whom have been doing photography for decades, so that I can constantly work to improve my photography and skills and knowledge.

As I am based in the beautiful surroundings of Bradford, West Yorkshire, so I don’t have to travel far to be in either the beautiful countryside or even by the sea at places like Whitby where so many stunning photographs have been taken over the years. However, Bradford is a beautiful city and if you have never been to it then come and see it for yourself – for example, come down to the City Park on a warm sunny day and you will see many people enjoying this space, or even go to Little Germany – a short walk away – to see some amazing architecture. I aim to always show Bradford in a positive light, hopefully showing things that most people miss whilst not ignoring the many issues that Bradford faces.

I enjoy taking photos that document the times we live in to create a modern social tapestry. This involves joining picket lines alongside striking workers, going on political demonstrations, street photography and much more. Anyone can go to a nice street with detached houses with hanging baskets, beautiful trimmed gardens, etc. and make it look beautiful, but there is also beauty in the areas on the ‘other side of the tracks’ but it takes a keen eye to see it.


I have always had a passion for art and photography, there is nothing better than bringing something to life or enabling someone to see something in a way they wouldn’t normally see it. The world we live in has so much beauty and colour in it and it is always nice to photograph it. Not only do I like to take amazing photos I also like showing people how they can take better photos themselves using what they have, even if this is a camera phone.

I have worked on behalf of Socialist Worker, Morning Star, Unite Against Fascism, Stand Up To Racism, People’s Assembly Against Austerity and Stop the War. I can often be seen at demonstrations both locally and nationally photographing the events in order to document the event. The mainstream media often either glosses over what is really happening in our society or simply just ignore it – but this doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening where people face real struggles and make a stand against this, and photographing these struggles is something I like to do in order to show things are changing.